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Science of Mind in Russia - The Impact, The Growth and To Be Continued

I was deeply touched by the words expressed in this letter. I felt really lonely after my husband left for America. But this message gave me the strength and joy, and the spiritual mind treatment which was spoken in the last paragraph made me feel confident in the power of God.

I read this letter both in English and in Russian. The original is usually better but the translation did not affect (much) the meaning and impression of the author.

Please, continue, I will leave you to enjoy it as much as I did.

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Dear Ron Rude!

I would like to thank you for your work in Russia! Thank you for everything you have done for us! In this letter I express not only my gratitude, but also speak on behalf of all the members of my family and from all the Russians, who have learned to think positive thanks to you. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude!

Now, when you go away, I very deeply understand how much happiness you gave me! My life has miraculously changed in a short time: stable prosperity, comfort, calm, loving relationship came to my family. My elder children have found their family, and I am happy for them! Ron, do you know how many countries I have visited over these years? And each time, due to the professional interest of my husband, we stayed in the best hotels! This is a wonderful experience of living Beauty and Perfection of Life! At such moments more clear understanding of my self-worth and the infinite Joy of Being reveals to me!

Ron and this is just my experience! Just imagine what a spiral you have unwound – and now your students have the knowledge on! It is difficult to say definitely how many people adopted Positive Principles into their lives and practice them! How many members have passed over the years through our conferences and came close to living the experience of Oneness! And how many of those who only once asked for advice! - We will never be able to evaluate all the expressions, they can not even be counted - this Living Power is constantly flowing through us and at this very moment manifests itself in the next event!

It is a little bit sad that we all have this peculiarity of mind to lose the connection between cause and effect, so we are often blind and forget about the involvement of another person in our lives: we believe that everything goes by itself, just due to a happy occasion! Ron, you know better than all of us how the "invisible plan" works and for how many people your Word became a turning point in their lives! Please forgive us that in our constant bustle we are rarely think about it and even more rarely express our feelings of gratitude.

Very often only in such moments of parting everything becomes so clear. You left a priceless legacy for us: you have given us the freedom to use the Science of Mind! Thanks to your dedication to service, we now have everything we need to carry that knowledge further.

I am grateful to you, Ron that you continue to teach me. What a joy to see the beauty of this moment: you have not learned Russian so well, and I still have not mastered my English, that is why I express my feelings to you in this letter, as I failed to say all this on the phone. Due to this my heart opened and I do not restrain myself in manifestation of feelings. Staying in my consciousness at this moment, I continue to remember and recognize that every person I meet in my life is a teacher for me. Especially those people who expose the inner pain and make you constantly grow. Their contribution is valuable for sure.

But you are one of those who come to show the joyous path to growth! This is your special mission! May be the reason why I feel it so deeply is that I have taken over from you the happiness to serve people. Now I can not imagine my life without the knowledge that you brought me. Ron, this is very personal, but I still have this feeling deep inside, that you came to Russia specifically for me. Maybe I'm not the only "star", but God help, that "us" was as much as possible!

Ron, I BELIEVE that the universe takes care of you every moment! And already now appear most favorable developments for arranging your new period of life - in the best conditions for you and your family! Your own country, as a loving mother, opens its arms to welcome and bestow you with its care! Your house in Adygea, where you put so much of your work and the Light, finds worthy buyer - someone else is on the order to become happier! Your children and wife can easily complete all necessary arrangements to move and being reunited with you to live a wonderful life experience at the new place! Life knows no slowdown, and MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY MOMENT for one simple reason: we'd have chosen it, Ron!

With love and gratitude, Irina Babushkina.

What a joy is to have a Teacher in your life!

Published by Gulnara Rude (Гульнара Руд)

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